Runway Passport

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where men's fashion brands strive to make a mark, we have exhilarating news. Joel Wade has achieved a laudable position on the internationally recognised "Runway Passport" website. This inclusion not only signifies recognition of the brand's designs but also aligns it with some of the top talents in the fashion industry.

Runway Passport stands out as an indispensable hub in the world of fashion industry news. It bridges the gap between innovative fashion designers and those who have an insatiable appetite for fashion. On this platform, you can embark on a global shopping journey, discovering impeccable talents from the artsy streets of Brooklyn in New York to the sophisticated corners of Dusseldorf in Berlin. And now, adding to that illustrious list is our very own Joel Wade brand from the vibrant fashion scene in Brisbane, Australia.

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With fashion designers from diverse corners of the globe congregating on platforms like Runway Passport, we're witnessing a dynamic shift in the way fashion is showcased and consumed. It's indeed an exhilarating era for fashion enthusiasts and designers alike.

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Runway Passport is a hub connecting fashion designers around the world with fashion forward customers in one online shopping platform. Here you can shop and discover exciting and creative designers from Brooklyn in New York, Dusseldorf in Berlin and yours truly Joel Wade in Australia.

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Note: The Runway Passport website has now closed.