Italian Silk Pocket Squares to Step Up your Suit Game


The term 'handkerchief' was derived from the French word 'kerchief or couvre-chef' which when translated means 'to cover the head', a typical use throughout history when the wealthy would carry perfumed hankerchiefs to cover their nose and protect against the smell of dirty streets when travelling through villages.

 The contemporary handkerchief or what many gentleman refer to as a pocket square or hank, is typically crafted from cotton or silk, and machine rolled and stitched in mass production for global fashion brands.

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However, Joel Wade pocket squares utilise a traditional method of craftsmanship in which the pocket squares are crafted from 100% Italian silk with a hand-rolled hem incorporating approximately 145 precision hand-worked stitches. This premium level of craftsmanship methodology highlights the finer details in each piece to symbolise the status of its wearer.

Joel Wade's collection of silk pocket squares comprise bold, hand-crafted pieces made in Italy by skilled artisans to ensure the highest quality is produced for aspiring and influential gents throughout the world. Our range of silk pocket squares are available from $49.00, so be sure to add one to your ensemble for your next formal event, party or business meeting.

 "Succeed & Inspire"