Elevating Style: A Guide to Men’s Tie Bars and Their Purpose

In the realm of men's fashion accessories, tie bars occupy a pivotal space, offering functionality blended with sophistication. For those keen on exhibiting elegance, exploring various men's tie bar styles becomes crucial. Whether attending a formal event or a casual gathering, a well-chosen tie bar can accentuate your look, serve its purpose of keeping your tie in place, and add a touch of refinement to your outfit. Let’s delve into the world of men’s tie bars, understanding their purpose, the nuances of wearing them right, and exploring the array of designs available, including the exquisite collections from renowned men’s tie bar designers.

Tie Bar Purpose

Tie bars are a great way to add that extra flair to your outfit. They're especially useful for formal occasions, but they can be used in other situations as well. Tie bars are a simple way to show some personality and style without being too flashy.

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Miles Wharton from The Bespoke Corner wearing the Evante Tie Bar.

Mens Tie Bar: Rules and Etiquette

Tie bars are a small accessory used to keep your tie in place. They're typically worn by men who wear formal attire (like suits) or other types of dress clothes, such as tuxedos or evening gowns.

If you have a job where you're expected to wear a tie, a tie bar is a great way to add a personal touch to your outfit while looking extra sharp. They are also a great accompaniment to your cufflinks

Wearing a Tie Bar

When wearing a tie bar, it's important to know how to wear one the right way. A tie bar should be worn 3-4 inches below the top of the tie—not above your belt line. You can also offset it by having a little bit of space between your collar and shirt buttons. Tie bars are an accessory that looks best with dress shirts and spread collars.

How to Use a Tie Bar

Place the tie bar under your tie, just above where it would rest on your chest. If you’re wearing a long necktie, put it between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt; if not, place it between the second and third buttons.

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A gentleman wearing the 'Staccato' Sterling Silver Tie Bar

Different Styles of Tie Bars and Tie Clips

There are a few different types of tie clips, but the most common and classic option is called a tie bar. They're made of different metals and come in all sorts of styles—some have precious or semi-precious stones on them, some look like miniature versions of your favourite superhero's costume, and some are plain but still beautiful. Tie bars are also commonly referred to as tie chains, pin bars, tie pins, and tie clips.

Tie bars are a great way to add some character and personality to your outfit. With so many options out there, you’ll never be short of the perfect tie bar for any occasion. Joel Wade has a collection of elegant tie bars available including a sterling silver tie bar, and two brass tie bar designs.