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How to Fold and Wear a Pocket Square: A guide by Miles Wharton and

The pocket square, a subtle piece of fabric peeking from a suit’s pocket, can be a powerful fashion statement. In the world of men's attire, the intricate details matter, and knowing how to put a pocket square in can elevate your style. Whether it's a casual meet-up or a formal event, incorporating an Italian silk pocket square can add a dash of sophistication and individuality to your ensemble.

Miles Wharton, a maestro in men's fashion, provides a guide on the subtleties and nuances of wearing a pocket square with suit, spotlighting the distinguished 'Grande' by Joel Wade.

how to fold a pocket square


Choosing a Pocket Square

When choosing a pocket square, the fabric plays a pivotal role. An Italian silk pocket square like the 'Grande', offers a luxurious texture and a subtle sheen, making it a great companion for your suit. It doesn't just complement your attire but also adds an element of refined elegance to your overall appearance.

Folding and Positioning

Learning how to fold and wear a pocket square is an art. There are numerous ways to fold a pocket square, each projecting a different vibe and style. The classic folds are easy to master and versatile, suitable for various occasions. It’s crucial to ensure that the pocket square is neatly folded and subtly positioned, avoiding unnecessary bulk and imbalance.

The Style Guide

The 'Grande' Italian silk pocket square can be styled in myriad ways. It allows you to experiment and find a fold that harmonises with your aesthetic. Pairing it correctly with your suit and tie can enhance the symmetry and balance in your attire. Remember, the pocket square is an extension of your personality, letting you express your style uniquely.

how to fold and wear a pocket square

Utilising Resources

AskMen, a leading site dedicated to men's lifestyle and fashion, is an excellent resource to explore the latest trends, products, and advice on men’s fashion. By following experts like Miles on Instagram (@mensfashionblogger), you can keep abreast of the newest styles and tips on how to wear pocket squares with finesse.

Purchasing the Ideal Pocket Square

The ‘Grande’ Italian silk pocket square is available for those who seek to infuse elegance and flair into their wardrobe. It is a worthwhile investment for those eager to enhance their sartorial elegance.

how to put a pocket square in

The pocket square is more than just an accessory; it's a representation of your style and attention to detail. Mastering how to fold and wear a pocket square, particularly one as luxurious as an Italian silk pocket square, can distinguish you in a crowd. Experiment with different folds and find the one that resonates with your personality and the occasion. In the world where the details define the look, let the pocket square be the detail that defines yours. Embrace elegance, stand out with style.

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