5 Sneaker Trends of 2023

Statement sneakers are back, baby. And for better or for worse, they're here to stay. The most important thing about men's sneakers is that they should be comfortable, easy to wear and versatile enough to go with just about anything else in your closet. Read on for the 5 sneaker trends for 2023.

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Over The Top Laces And Details

One of the most exciting sneaker trends for 2023 is over the top laces and details. Laces are a great way to add some color and style to your outfit, but they can also be used as a statement piece. You can use them to tie together an outfit or even match your shoes with other elements in your outfit (like an accessory). This is especially important if you have multiple pairs of sneakers that have different colours or prints on them.

High-Top Sneakers

High-tops are a throwback to the 90's. They have been making a comeback for a while now, but they're still one of the most popular styles of sneakers on the market today. High-top sneakers can be worn with or without socks, which makes them perfect year-round shoes. They look great with shorts in the summertime and jeans in winter.

high-top sneaker trends
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Bright Coloured Soles

Bright coloured soles are the new trend in sneakers, and it's a great way to add some color to your outfit. This is also a great way to discreetly add color to your wardrobe and look.

Bright Classics with A Twist

Mixing different colours and patterns is a great way to create a unique look that still feels familiar. It also gives your outfit more depth than if you were just wearing one color at a time. This will give your outfit even more dimension as well as make sure no single piece sticks out awkwardly because of its texture or color scheme.

Low-Cut Sneakers as Layering Pieces

Low-cut sneakers are the perfect way to add some low-key style to your wardrobe. They're like socks, but with a little more edge and attitude.

As opposed to high-tops, which can be quite dressy and formal, low cuts are more casual--they can be worn with jeans or even slacks for a laidback look. If you want something that feels like wearing socks but looks cool AF, grab yourself a pair of chunky low-cut sneakers in black leather or suede this year.

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We hope you've enjoyed our roundup of the latest trends for men's sneakers. It's always fun to look ahead at what might be coming next, and these styles are going to make some serious waves in the coming year. From bold colorways and over-the-top details to high-tops and low-cut shoes as layering pieces, these 5 trends are sure to make an impact on your wardrobe, and maybe even inspire some new ideas of your own.