Suit of Change VIP Cocktail Party

On the 21st of May the Joel Wade team attended the Suit of Change VIP Cocktail Party and donated a pair of sterling silver cufflinks and tie bar to the silent auction on the night.

Watch the video here: 

How a suit can change a life

How do you dress for a job interview? For many people, it’s a no-brainer. For some, it’s a major issue. Many disadvantaged men don’t have the clothing to look good for a job interview that could change their life. A job can deliver a huge confidence boost and it can help society to better combat issues of depression, suicide and domestic violence.
Good clothes will not immediately change the lives of these men but it’s one of the many important steps that propel the unemployed or refugees down the path to a new life.

Suit Of Change Day has been created to bring attention to this important fact – and to encourage Brisbane families to donate their pre-loved men’s attire to a new generation of jobseekers.

Suit of Change Day works in conjunction with Unlimited Potential (UP) – a social initiative founded by Mark Ferguson. Mark is the director of renowned Brisbane clothing experts Wil Valor. Mark has seen first-hand the effect clothing has on a man’s confidence. UP delivers suits, business shirts, trousers, ties, shoes, belts and cufflinks to non-profit organisations. They create ideal wardrobes for their male clients. Wil Valor also trains UP volunteers on the ideal fit and how to best combine colours, patterns and styles.

Suit of Change Day has been created for two important reasons:

  • To highlight the important social benefits of providing clothing assistance to men in need.
  • To increase donations of pre-loved men’s clothing of which there is a shortage in Brisbane. We know how many men love to wear their clothes until the last.

How you can help change a life

Please drop off any pre-loved suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, shoes, belts to the Suit of Change headquarters – Wil Valor Shop 5/41 Park Rd, Milton, 4064

For more information about this great charity, please visit